Five MORE Tips You Need to Create a Great Local Business Blog

Here are five more tips to ensure your new or existing local business blog is effectively engaging your target audience and keeps them coming back for more.

Post more than just articles.
Your blog should be creative and interesting. As such, you want your content to be more than just articles. Like most of your readers, you probably enjoy a bit of variety in the content you read. Consider adding infographics to share a new piece of information, or create a ‘how-to’ article for a common issue your customers have.

Encourage your readers to comment and create content.
A “conversation” between several people is much more interesting than a one sided conversation by a post’s author. Remember to ask for feedback from your readers and when they provide it make them feel welcome and needed. If your readers need a little prodding in order to get the comment, consider doing a give-away of a new or favorite customer product or service.

See what is working for blogging writers writing about your topics and industry.
Look for great conversation starting on established bloggers in your field. Take note of the topic which is sparking conversation. Do you have information to add? Go ahead and respond on the blog, but also consider creating a follow up post on your blog to address the comments and questions raised. Your wise advice may help begin to cement you as a knowledgeable online information source on your blog topic. Remember, this is one key thing you’d like to achieve so always be on the lookout for ways to accomplish it!

Consider incorporating videos.
One great way to help your blog readers/viewer connect with your local business and its brand is by creating unique video content.  If you’re launching a new product soon consider creating a video demonstrating it for your customers. Or, perhaps instead of writing a ‘how-to’ post, create a ‘how-to’ video. Of course, also place any video you create on You-Tube, Pinterest, Facebook, or any other appropriate social media your local business has a presence on.  Through this approach not only will you be creating value for your customers, you’ll also be driving engagement between your blog and the social media platforms you utilize.

Solve your customer’s / reader’s problems.
What problems do your local business customers and/or blog readers come to your business seeking resolution? If you know this piece of information, you have a gold mine of information for your blog posts. Respond to these questions and issues, and you are sure to engage your readers!

So you have blogging tips that have worked well for your local business blog, or anything you think should be added to this list? We’d love to hear about your ideas and experiences below!

Chris Marentis is an expert in the field of local business marketing. Through his company Surefire Social, Chris leverages website development, search engine optimization and social media marketing to generate leads and boost local businesses.