Five Reasons Your Awesome Brand is Not Ranking

There may be several answers to the dilemma of your brand is not ranking, but one important reason is the effective use of keywords. Keywords are just that, the tool that unlocks valuable information for clients desiring the brand you are marketing. The ranking depends on many variables. Choosing the right words and positioning them within the website then throughout the page is vital.  When a customer conducts a search, he will realize how he arranges his choice of locator words is what sparks a satisfying find. Therefore, to obtain a successful ranking, keywords must make a difference, be topic relevant, and noticeable, in addition to beneficial for both the company and the customer.

  1. Difference and Topic Relevance
    How can vocabulary in a website and on the webpage make a difference to the customer you want to reach? The obvious answer is that it must address a need. Doing a bit of research pinpointing the needs of the desired clients lends a solution to this quandary. Demographics of the prescribed area are often available through marketing services.
  2. Right Words
    As you are brainstorming for various keywords, one suggestion is to glean from customer surveys language your clientele uses when referencing your service or product. So many times though, customers have no inclination to bother completing them after an appointment. To make taking customer surveys more appealing, you might let them know that though their input will not refer to them by name, some of the words they use may help upgrade the availability of the website, while in turn creating a better product, as well as more desirable customer service. Clients tend not to use industry jargon and therefore the vocabulary in their comments is much more applicable and helpful.
  3. Beneficial Keywords
    Keywords are beneficial when they produce results. In this case, beneficial refers to better ranking which consequently equates to financially lucrative. The right keywords, right number of keywords for your website, and the right number per page are vital in boosting the ranking of your awesome brand. When your clients conduct a search they may use whole phrases or questions, or just a few words targeting their desired results. Beyond the search, and, keeping in mind not only your goal of obtaining a higher rank, but also satisfying your future customer, strategic keyword placement is crucial.
  4. Placement of KeywordsIn addition to their relevance and benefit, these all-empowering jargon need to appear in just the right places. Of course they occur in the title, but also within the content. To avoid hammering your audience with repetition encourage them by demonstrating that your awesome brand is just what they need. The ease with which your customers find answers on their internet search will keep your product or service on their mind.
  5. Content Presentation
    Another suggestion lies in the actual presentation of the content. It should be compelling and readable while adding value to your target audience. In fact, once a prospective client locates just the right website, he expects to find clear, concise, usable information, and will likely communicate his findings to others with the same interest.

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While other reasons exist that may explain a brand is not ranking or your product or service, strategic use of keywords is imperative. Additionally, finding a good Search Engine Optimization tool gives valuable helps and is well worth any investment. Now hopefully the thoughts from this article may spark questions you can use to push that awesome brand to rank at the top and see your business produce an amazing profit.

This article about social media automation tools was written by Charles Ascot in tandem with SEOMap – a group specializing in keyword strategy.