Free DAM – Part 2 (Digital Asset Management on the cheap)

OK – so about a month ago I posted a concept about how to use WordPress as a DAM (Digital Asset Management system).  I felt pretty good about things – but have been thinking about it more and more lately.

I think some of the magic missing was the extra contextual and semantic stuff.  Here is a revised plan which may help with that.

The concept leverages a WordPress plugin which will go out and “harvest” content called WP-O-Matic.  It can be used for the dark side, but we’re using it from the white hat side – only for good.  It allows you to setup campaigns which can go out and get summaries. We will need to modify the plugin to grab complete articles, again – this is only valid for content we own the rights to…stealing content is bad.

After the content grab, we need to get some more context – this is where we leverage the open calais project.  (I still cannot pronounce that!)  They have a web service which can take a feed and add come back with extra goodness.

The OpenCalais Web service analyzes text and provides semantic data such as:

  • Names of persons mentioned in the text
  • Names of companies mentioned in the text
  • Events described in the text such as bankruptcies and mergers

The results of the analysis can later be used to evaluate the text, by humans or machines. For example, a person interested in news stories relating to a specific merger, might find the Open Calais semantic analysis useful in determining the relevance of a specific article.

Then we move to open project #2 – one of my all time favs, Zemanta.  (I’m been a fan of these guys for awhile – Andreaz and the crew have got a great thing going and I applaud them when ever I can.)  So we run the new feed through Zemanta’s API and we get the tags and cats.

Then you add it to the WordPress DAM and bada-boom, we’re storing content.  The next steps will come later – when we add a plugin for users on WordPress, Drupal and others for easy insertion into their new creations.

OK – let me know, are we moving forward, sideways or off base all together?

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