Gaming Galore: Here’s To The Rise of Mobile Gaming Apps

Mobile gaming is on the rise across globally, and within the next two years is expected to account for half of the world’s revenue in video games. Since the dawn of electronic gaming it has been a constant battle between the latest consoles, the latest being between xbox and Playstation. However, now mobile gaming has been added to the mix- it already account for forty percent of the video game market and by 2020 it’s likely to reach the halfway mark.

What’s interesting is that smartphones have been around for a while, but it’s only more recently that we have experienced a boom in mobile gaming. The reason for this mainly boils down to trends from the east coming into effect in the west. In places like Asia, free to play models have been around for a lot longer. Their games and monetisation strategies are now reaching markets over here and doing equally as well. ‘Micro-transactions’ where players can make in app purchases tend to make a good amount of profit. This allows developers to release games for free (therefore reaching many people) while continuing to progress with creating future content for the game. Take FF15 a new empire strategy app for example, here players can make purchases for things like gold, VIP tokens or the ability to speed up their progress. While the game can be played without these things, lots of people will make at least a small purchase at some point to improve their game play experience.

In places like China, games developers will usually target mobile first, whereas in the west consoles and PCs are usually favored. Now that mobile gaming accounts for such a large share of the market, we’re likely to see more improved games being produced. Plus with the creation of new, more technologically advanced phones this can also hugely boost mobile gaming. In the past, hardware was really restrictive meaning it was difficult to create an engaging mobile gaming experience.

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These days, gaming isn’t just about the hardcore fans any more. Five billion people in the world will own a smartphone by next year, and most of us at some point will download a game to play on. This means that the profile of your average gamer has changed drastically, the demographic is now from young children to the elderly. It’s a place where casual gamers can enjoy the odd game due to the ‘pick up and play’ nature, and there’s plenty  opportunities for die-hard gaming enthusiasts. With celebrities coming out with their own mobile games and appealing to their individual audiences, just about everyone at some point is likely to get involved. This puts game developers in a very interesting and position, the mobile gaming market is lucrative there’s no secret about that.

Be prepared to see bigger and better mobile games coming to your screens in the next few years. It’s an exciting time for both developers and players.

Do you enjoy playing games on your mobile? Do you download and play them regularly, or just once in a blue moon?