Getting Your Brand Known, The Solo Way

If you’re running a business on your own, it’s already likely that you’re overworked. You’ve got to do pretty much everything if you aren’t working with a team of freelancers via a site like Odesk, and even then, freelancers can’t help with absolutely everything that you need to do at all times to keep your business running.

You’ll be producing the work; the business relies on you, and your capital might not stretch as far to bring help on board, not right now anyway.

What’s key for business? Well, selling your products and service is the goal, but unless people know about those products, they won’t be able to purchase them. This means you won’t be getting money and your business won’t be running.


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So, how do you get your brand known? It’s hard work, especially if you’re working alone and for yourself, but it’s not impossible.

If you want to promote yourself, by yourself, the internet offers some tools for this.  Chief among these tools would be social media. Sites like LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and FaceBook are tremendously useful.

LinkedIn will allow you to communicate and network with business people like yourself and find potential help, collaborators or affiliates in the future. It’s a place for business. YouTube can allow an insight into your business and your practices via self-produced promotional videos.

Twitter and FaceBook are the most important of the two social media sites that you can use. Both are extremely similar as they allow you to connect one-to-one with your target market and engage in conversations. Both can serve as a customer service platform and you should use both to extend your brand into new horizons whilst serving your current followers and customers.

Your logo should be front and center of all of your promotional activities as it’s your brand. It’s the single image that will define you, and you should utilize it as much as possible to ensure it is being seen.

Lead generation and SEO (search engine optimization) are another key way of getting your brand known. This is slightly harder to do on your one as you’ll want to focus on social media and your day-to-day work, but if you can identify the problems and issues that your brand can solve for customers, then you already know the keywords you should be plastering all over your site. As for lead generation, you should be trying to nab data and information from your customers in exchange for offers. This allows the first contact to come from the customer side and following this; you can talk to them further about what your business can do for them. Of course, there are agencies like Flagship Digital that can help with this and you can find Flagship Digital details here, should you need to ask for help.

It’s not easy running a business on your own, but if you lay a solid frame of promotional work to complement your day-to-day business, you’ll be a step ahead of most.