Going Camping' – BarCamp NewsInnovation and WordCamp Iowa

BarCamp NewsInnovation

A large family tent for car-camping, with a gazebo

My buddy Jason has “roped” me into BarCamp NewsInnovation.  OK, I’m not kicking or screaming – I work with him at an old media/newspaper outlet and we can only complain and moan so much before we have to act, and I guess this is the act.

It is actually really cool, it kind of steamed off a Live Blog (here is the replay) our CEO Chucky P (is my nickname for Chuck Peters) did from an API Summit.  Jason launched a BarCamp wiki and it grew from there

I will be updating the main BarCamp NewsInnovation wiki page to reflect this very soon. I am happy to add more locations as needed. People can either comment on this entry contact me via email (Jason).

WordCamp Iowa

I’ve been getting more and more interested in WordPress.  It is just such a versitle application.  I’ve been preaching the WP open source for a while at the same old media/newspaper and I think it is starting to catch on.

I’ve renctly created my first plugin, it’s for a sidebar widget for adding an issuu to your side bar.  (Check it out here.) In learning more and more, checking out a WordPress podcast along the way – I’ve just really feeling the WordPress groove.

So – I want to jump in with both feet and committ to a WordCamp in Iowa (more than likely Eastern Iowa) sometime Spring ’09.  Please contact me if you are interested.  I’ll need all the help I can get.

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