Google: Behind the Numbers – {Infographic}

Did you know that Google makes more money per year than over twenty of the poorest countries in the world combined? Most of this money comes from relentless advertising and not from the various services Google offers. Google’s AdWords program offers a myriad of products and some of them have landed Google in legal trouble. Recently Google was fined $500 million for allowing Canadian pharmacies to advertise and sell their drugs to Americans, which is against the law. Some of the shadiest sources make Google the most money. For example, the top dollar keyword categories for AdWords are insurance, loans, mortgage, attorney and credit.

Google receives nearly a billion unique hits each month which powers their massive ad revenue.

The combined time spent on Google’s websites totals over 200 billion minutes. Supporting this powerful technology empire requires Google uses about 260 million watts of electricity constantly.

There’s a lot to learn about Google and the following graphic illustrates many of the above facts and much more.

From: Business MBA