Google loses and gains in WiFi arena

I was very disappointed that Google didn’t try a little harder when it came to going after the 700Mhz by the FCC.  (It turns out that Verizon won the opportunity)

Then this story pops up on the New York Times and talks about Google going an alternative way:

Google, the Internet search engine company, released plans on Monday for a new generation of wireless devices to operate on soon-to-be-vacant television airwaves and sought to ease fears that this might interfere with TV broadcasts or wireless microphones.

In comments filed with the Federal Communications Commission, Google outlined plans for low-power devices that use local wireless airwaves to access the “white space” between television channels. A Google executive called the plan “Wi-Fi 2.0 or Wi-Fi on steroids.”

This could be interesting…so they didn’t spend the $9.6 Billion Verizon did, but did they gain a foothold in an area anyone could play?