Greater application with Chromebooks over iPads

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“Dothan City Schools’ decision to end its use of iPads in favor of Chromebooks had just as much to do with application as economics, the system’s superintendent said Tuesday.”

and “Ledbetter estimated the sale of iPads would help pay for more than half the cost of leasing new Chromebooks. The school system will send out RFPs (requests for proposal) in an attempt to get the highest price possible for the iPads.”


Chromebooks over iPads

It comes down to economics – and, the chromebooks over iPads do everything the school needs them to do.  (With the exception of some video, which they plan to continue to use some iPads.)

But at the end of the day – they will sell the iPads and fund a good portion of the chromebook purchase.  And most schools use Google drive to store their files, so they are already there.  With the increased functionality of Google’s office package…it is hard to resist.

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