HDYT – High Def You Tube?

High-Def Tubes
High-Def Tubes

I read the headlines too, and yawned just like you did.  But I took it one step further…I clicked.

Dude, it looks good! It really does.  Not sure if you can see it here – but this looks good, at regular scale and also at Full Screen.

Yes – it looks good when you click the window in the window.

This was all spurred when I read blogmaverick’s post called “Youtube’s Desperation

Where does that leave Youtube ? Actually in a far better place. Two websites. One of which becomes a video search engine , with out any advertising, that hosts purely amateur video. The other becomes a Hulu on steroids. A destination site that becomes a real media site. It becomes the ultimate content DVR where users can expect to find professionally created content along side the amateur videos that Youtube thought enough of to license.

So who knows – but it looks GOOD.

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