Here is a Great Way to Engage the Facebook Fans that Matter

What can you do to get your fans more involved on your Facebook fan page? Plenty, to begin with you can ask a simple question along the lines of the subject matter on the page. If you have a band, you can ask what their favorite song is. Another approach is to inquire about what one of you fans is going to do for the weekend. When it comes to conversation starters, there is a plethora of thing to discuss.

Get them Talking

One great way to begin a conversation is to praise your fan base for all of the comments and commitment to the page. This is sure to get some love thrown at your direction. You can even point out one person with your praise as this is a sure fire way to get others to react. Let us face facts everybody likes special treatment. Especially when getting kudos from their favorite musician. In this same manner by targeting a comment on a specific fan, it puts them in the limelight in front of the others. Not only will you draw fire from other fans so will the individual you singled out.

Join in a Conversation

This one is a great technique to engage the fan base. Start by finding a post with a lot of traffic and add to it. Make a point with an insightful dissertation on the subject. By joining an ongoing conversation with your fans, you show them that you are the same as they are and therefore build a stronger bond with that particular group of fans. If your goal is to increase your fan base, there are a few different way you can go about it.

Locate Similar Pages to Your Own

That’s right search out other pages similar to your own, become a fan, and make comments there. You can even post a link or two pointing back to your page. What this accomplishes is it lets other know you exist and therefore builds and awareness that there are other artist of the same genre. For instance if your band play punk rock find another punk band and start trading posts with them. Understanding that there really is no secret on how to either gain fans or create more interest to you page is an important factor.

Nevertheless, all it takes is to keep updating and posting intriguing comments on your pages. This includes the pages where you are a fan. You can try to buy Facebook fans cheap or even to buy Twitter followers for that account. The main thing to remember is to have fun with it never act as if you are working when you begin a conversation ask simple question like if they had a choice between a or b which would be their choice? Always show the love to those who comment back or answer your silly questions. If you are having a bad day, let them know you may have someone try to cheer you up. It pays to be attentive to you fan base.

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