Here’s How Ecommerce Businesses Unwittingly Hemorrhage Customers

It will come as no surprise to anybody involved in the ecommerce sector that it’s one of the most competitive spaces out there. Shoppers get a huge choice of ecommerce outlets. And choosing a competitor over you is as simple as the click of a button. Firms risk hemorrhaging customers at every stage of the transaction process, from arriving at the site to checking out. And it’s those losses that are driving many such businesses into the ground.

But fear not. Help is on its way. The following are the possible ways you’re unknowingly losing your customers.

Use Google Mobile-Friendly Test Tool

Google’s search algorithms changed significantly at the start of the year. Now companies whose sites are not mobile friendly, will not rank highly in search results. Google made this change because of the enormous growth in mobile searches. Mobile search now outpaces traditional PC searches. To give customers a good experience on mobile, Google now prefers sites that mobile users can enjoy.

Many companies believe that they already have a mobile-friendly version of their site. But there’s really no way to know, just by eyeballing your work. Instead, use Google’s own Mobile-Friendly Test tool to tell you whether your site is working as it should on mobile platforms. When your site is truly mobile friendly, Google’s crawling algorithms will soon boost your ranking.

It’s Hard For Customers To Check Out

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Web-based credit card terminals are becoming more and more popular among ecommerce businesses. Many firms are integrating payment solutions in the cloud. However, some aren’t making the process as easy for their customers as they should. One common problem is the fact that many sites require customers to login in order to make a payment. The last thing customers want to do is to remember yet another account name and password. That’s why some of the best ecommerce businesses link customer accounts to customer Facebook or Google login.

Another big problem for ecommerce companies is forwarding customers to payment sites. This can come across poorly. It feels to the customer as if they’re paying someone other than the company from which they are buying the product. From a purely psychological perspective, this can be off-putting.

Your Site Is Clogged With Ads


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Ads can be a great way to make a little bit of money on the side, especially if your site has high traffic volume. But ads aren’t always the best way to make money overall. After all, you’ve only got a limited space to present your products and services. The problem is especially severe on mobile.

It’s also important to think about the experience from the customer’s point of view. Paras Mehta, CTO of Shoebuy notes that when new clients arrive at your site, they want to know if they are in the right place. With banners and ads all over the place, it’s not often entirely clear to them that they are. This, in turn, can cause them to leave your site and to find the product they need elsewhere.