Here’s Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Acing Your Social Media Marketing

If you are running a small business, you will have no doubt already stepped into the world of social media marketing. Even if your very first steps were tentative ones. But it is super important to be overly confident with your online marketing these days. After all, most of your current and potential customers are online, so you need to be heard by them. Not sure how to ace your social media marketing? No problem; here is everything you need to know.


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Start A Blog

No matter what industry they are in, every company has a blog these days. Even if you only post to it once a month, it is very important to set one up. Why exactly? Well, it will help to increase your company’s SEO. SEO is all about how your business is ranked in Google search results. A high SEO means that you will be ranked highly so more people will find you. You can find out more about SEO on websites such as

Interact With Online Users

Once you have created Facebook and Twitter accounts for your business, you should be actively using them. And that doesn’t mean just posting all your latest news and updates. You need to interact with your followers too! If someone Tweets you or writes on your Facebook timeline, respond to them. Otherwise, you company could end up looking ignorant. It can also be worth retweeting and supporting other businesses in your local area. They will probably return the favour!


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Use Different Media

Don’t just write a short sentence and hit publish. Think about different types of media that you can add to your next tweet or Facebook post. If you add a photo or video, people will be more likely to share the post. And the more shares you get, the wider audience you’ll be reaching! Videos often get the most shares, so think about how you can incorporate these into your marketing. These days, you don’t need to splash out on expensive camera equipment to make a good video. If you have a good smartphone, you could even just use that!

Check Your Results

All social media sites offer an analysis of your social media posts. These analyses will show you how far each post has been spread and how often the audience has interacted with it. An interaction includes things like retweets and clicks on your website. You need to be continually checking these results. This will help you see where you need to improve your social media marketing. Which tweets and Facebook posts aren’t doing so well? Can you build up a pattern to see why? Once you’ve figured this out, you will be able to vastly improve your social media marketing strategy. Not too sure what all the graphs and results mean? You can find out on certain websites:

Not signed up for social media? What are you waiting for? It’s time to use it to improve your marketing!