Hiring An Ethical Hacker

When looking for ethical hacking companies, there is certainly a lot that must be considered and taken into account. As you are essentially giving someone access to your company’s system, you definitely need to choose a business with a huge amount of care. Ensuring they are legitimate is the first step – no one wants to put their company in the hands of someone who could actually hack it for real. Therefore, when looking for an IT security firm, it is vital to do a bit of research and digging. 

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Look for reviews online. You should soon be able to discover whether a company is genuine or not. If the enterprise you are thinking about working with has a negative reputation, this is something you should be able to pick up on quite easily. You can rest assured that many unhappy customers will have taken to the Internet to express their dissatisfaction and warn others from making the same mistake. Reading feedback about ethical hacking companies certainly comes highly recommended. 

Aside from this, you should make sure the IT security company in question has a considerable amount of experience in the industry, and that they use effective products. You can click here for more details about the different vulnerability scanners available today. The last thing you want is to be someone’s practice project. Take a look at their client base and make sure they use the latest technology and that they are accredited. Certification and accreditation is especially important with these types of businesses, as trust is one of the main factors in determining whether to hire a company.

How Often Should You Invest In an Ethical Hacking Service?

One of the biggest mistakes a lot of businesses make is that they invest in an ethical hacking service once and then they think their security system is pretty much fine forever. Unfortunately, this is not the case. It is vital to recognize that the digital world does not remain stagnant. New technologies are being developed all of the time, which presents new opportunities for hackers – hackers who are becoming more intelligent and sophisticated in their approach all of the time. This is why regular ethical hacking should be considered a pivotal part of your network security strategy. 

Not only do you need to consider the fact that the industry changes, but your business is likely to change as well. Therefore, to determine whether you need an ethical hacking service after the first time you have invested in it, you should look at what changes there have been to your system. Thus, if you have experienced any of the following you should definitely run a penetration test – your end user policies have been modified; you have added new network infrastructure or applications; or you have made significant modifications or upgrades to your applications and / or infrastructure. Penetration tests are also advised when security patches are applied. Moreover, if you have set up a new office in a different location, you definitely need to carry out a whole new penetration assessment.