How I started in Affiliate Marketing

I really hope this is the question that someone will ask me a couple years from now – hey Tom, “how did you get started in affiliate marketing?”  Truth is, I have been thinking and wondering about affiliate marketing for a long time.  I just never took the plunge.

Since starting my job at Clickstop, I have been introduced to so much from the SEO/SEM world – but I was only getting the edge information.  I want to learn more – and my best method for learning is doing.

It kind of funny.  I kind of thought I already knew a bunch about SEO and SEM, it was even on my resume.  It read that I was a competent and fluent SEO guy.  I knew my skills were a few years old, but I really thought I understood…if asked, I would tell people something like: “oh, I’m not someone who could manage an SEO campaign – but I can code good SEO”. Come to find out – I didn’t know diddly.  Seriously – I was probably doing more harm than good.

In fact, my friends at work have forgotten more about SEO, SEM and affiliate style marketing than I have even known…but – I’m learning. So I thought I would jump in with both feet and do some experiments at home, on my time, in the basement living room recliner and see what I could come up with.

Build A Niche Site affiliate marketing programI don’t want this to be an exercise where I build everything from the ground up – so I’m taking a shortcut.  I found a program called BANS and I bought it.  ‘Build A Niche Store’ is a prepackaged ‘system’ which currently cost me $50, but I figured it was worth it. Here’s how they hooked me:

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How Are Thousands Of People Doing This?

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Pretty awesome – huh?  If you want to read me, click here…its a link to the “Build A Niche Store” site. Did you click it? No…why.  Come on, click it.  Did you now? Yes?  Sweet – see, I’m an affiliate marketer now, you clicked my link.  :)     {It worked}

But seriously – I want to try an become an affiliate marketer – so I can really learn SEO.  I want to do it here – in public.  This will kind of be a running deal of what I learn, how I learned, how much it cost and how much can you really make.  Hopefully enough to buy a pizza and a beer – oh, and cover that $50.

Current Cost: $50
Current Time: 2.5 hours
Return on Investment: $0

Stay tuned!