How Local SEO is different from National SEO

Search engines are exclusive tools that assist users in finding out required data sources and guide users to their preferred online destinations. Users can reach their preferred web destination only if they know the exact web address or the Uniform Resource Locator (URL). In cases where they do not know the URL, they rely on search engines to take them to their destination. Popular search engines like Google and Yahoo collectively receive more than a billion search queries daily. The keyword in a search query has a lesser probability of matching the keywords in a website, so search engines show up a list of websites with somewhat relevant keywords in their results. Webmasters practice search engine optimization to make their websites visible to search engine crawlers when they search for keyword relevancy in a niche.

Search engine optimization is a process that involves the practice of certain methods that enhance a website’s ranking on search engine results page. There are a couple of techniques employed in search engine optimization, they are: White Hat optimization and Black Hat optimization techniques. Generally white hat optimization techniques are ethical and organic, whereas black hat optimization techniques are unethical and inorganic. On the flip side, there are two SEO types classified based on the targeted geographic location of a business, they are: Local SEO and National SEO. Local SEO primarily focuses on local cities, nearby counties, and nearby states. National SEO primarily focuses on the country as a whole and in certain cases neighboring countries.

Webmasters select the type of SEO depending on the geographical area their business serves. Most SEO service providers primarily offer national SEO services, as it helps them generate reasonable amount of money. National SEO helps business broaden their reach and offer their products and services over a large geographical region. But small businesses such as bakeries, motels, hair salons, restaurants, and other local service providers serve only a small geographic region, hence must opt for local SEO. Local SEO and National SEO techniques have their own advantages and disadvantages. Businesses can save expenses, expand their business reach, and generate sales and business leads by choosing the right SEO

Local SEO is applicable for small businesses targeting local customers. This SEO type primarily involves updating business related information on Google Places, Google Maps, and other local information providing web portals. Webmasters use local keywords that are a combination of your business name and nearby geographic locations. Local SEO is said to be less effective when compared to national SEO. For instance, if you conduct a local search on any of the popular search engines, you can view competently optimized results first followed by a list of websites. Local SEO is vital for the success and popularity of a local business. Some of the advantages of Local SEO: requires minimal funding, generates quality leads, and provides quick results. Some of the notable disadvantages of local SEO: does not offer broad reach and nationwide exposure, and generates only minimal web traffic.

National SEO primarily focuses on optimizing your website for a nationwide reach and it is defined as a process that involves the optimization of a website using various keywords so as to rank a website nationally and internationally in certain cases. National SEO is highly competitive as it results in the generation of loads of free online traffic. The costs for opting national SEO is generally high when compared to that of local SEO. Such SEO campaigns are time consuming, and may take a few months to actually reap the benefits of the SEO efforts. National SEO suits e-commerce websites and marketing related businesses, as they expand business reach and provide nationwide recognition.

If you run a well-funded business, you can look into other optimization methods such as search engine marketing and paid listing on search engine results page. There are other options wherein you can also invest in pay-per-click advertising to know about keyword phrases that produce best results. National SEO is a feasible option for medium-sized enterprises and development stage companies. In summary, local SEO is for small businesses that are confined within a small geographic location and national SEO is for companies that want to expand their reach across a country.

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