How To Bring Your Product To Market

If you have a great idea for a product, you may well decide that you want to take it to market yourself. While this is often a more complicated route than taking your product to an existing company and allowing them to produce it any pay you royalties, bringing your product directly to market off your own back will allow you to retain a greater share of the profits as well as ensuring that you continue to fully hold the rights to the product.

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Look After Your Intellectual Property

Before you start getting anyone else involved in helping you to get your product out to market, you should make sure that you have your intellectual property locked down. File for a patent and ensure that all copyrights and trademarks are registered to you as soon as possible Patents can take a while to get granted, so don’t leave this too late. 

Get A Prototype Made

Before you go ahead and have your product manufactured, have a prototype made up by a factory. This will allow you the opportunity to iron out any problems that there may be with your design as well as ensuring that your product is free of any quality control issues. 

Manufacturing Your Product 

Finding a manufacturer for your product is going to be complicated and there will be a lot to negotiate here. You will have to decide whether to have your products produced domestically or overseas. Often the latter proved to be the cheaper option, however, you may not find this so convenient for communicating with the factory because of the distance and any language barriers. However, services such as Alibaba make it much easier to deal with overseas suppliers. Domestic suppliers will be able to offer quicker shipping times, which you may find more favorable.

Whichever route you choose, be sure that you are clear on minimum order expectations and that you can afford to buy this quantity. 

Packaging Design

To create professional labeling and packaging, use the services of a company such as Pro-Motion Industries, LLC. Make sure that you use a great designer that understands your product to create your packaging designs and ensure that you are satisfied with them before they go to print. 

Find A Supplier

There are a number of different routes that you could take in order to get your product to market. Finding a suitable retailer or seller to bulk buy a large quantity will be your ideal route. Many companies will have the contact details for their buying team on their website. Approach them and look at setting up a meeting where you can pitch and demonstrate your product. They may have their own protocols, and they may ask for a sample or some information beforehand. You will need to make sure that you have material prepared that provides potential buyers with vital information such as minimum order quantities, prices, and any safety testing and patent information that they will need to see.