How to Maximize Your Email Marketing Campaign Strategy

Have you tried email marketing and had bad luck?  Let’s see if we can fix it.  This post will help you maximize your email marketing strategy get you more conversions!

Send to Qualified Leads

Make sure you’re sending your emails to the most qualified leads you have. Cold emailing is a brutal way to get your email read.  You can purchase qualified leads list or collect them via your website & social media channels.  But once you make the decision to send an email – getting opens is much easier with qualified leads.

Split Test Your Emails

Split testing is a way to test your email before you send it to the whole list.  This becomes a HUGE strategy when your lists grows.  Subject lines are a common testing element.  One thing to do is test colors too – you can send 50% of your list one color – 50% the other and see where a better click through rate is at.  Leveraging the email layout, wording and fonts are great variations that make a big difference.

Create a Catchy Subject Line

A catchy subject line should draw people in and actually get them to click on your email. It is hard and takes time – but once you start to see what works, it gets easier.  Once they’ve clicked on the email, you want them to click through to your website. Make sure the subject line gives an idea of what to expect in the email, but still leaves an element of mystery.

Include a Clear Call to Action

A clear call to action is a must if you want anybody to click through to your site. Do you want them to take advantage of an offer you have? Tell them and make it clear.  Some people just need to be told.

Monitor Their Progress

Monitor the progress of your emails to see how well they are doing. Make note of click through rates and other elements so you can decide where you need to improve.


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Don’t Make it Too Complicated

Making the email too complicated isn’t a good idea. People will probably read it in their lunch hour or where they are supposed to be working, and it’s unlikely they have that much time. Keep things as simple as you can. You don’t want to confuse anybody or make things more difficult than they need to be – look for ways to keep it simple.

Be Professional

Above all else, it’s important that you’re professional. Emails can be kept and looked back on, so you don’t want to say anything that can be used against you or your business. Always bear professionalism in mind to get the best results.

These tips will always help you to get the most from your email marketing campaign, so use as many of them as possible and make a note of how much more successful they are. Leave a comment here with your thoughts too!