How To Get Traffic On Your Blog?

The world of blogs is unlike any other—it is a portrait of ideas sketched on a canvas for the world to see and comment on; where one can express, learn, know and follow. To create a blog is not difficult, but to make it successful enough is. It is a task to attract viewers and almost a skill to retain them. So, lets see how to get traffic on your blog:

  • Target your content toward an audience that is likely to share: You could use infographics or interesting videos that the audience would like to share.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly: Search engines are a major source of traffic for blogs, therefore, you should use an SEO-friendly platform for your blogs, like the WordPress or Drupal.
  • Don’t forget the social networks: SEO isn’t the only mode of getting major traffic. Social networking sites like the Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc. have also joined the race. Leverage these networks by creating profiles in them, updating them regularly and interacting with your viewers.
  • Look for the statistics: Install analytics and use them to observe how many visitors you get and from which sources. This way, you can put less effort on the less effective sources and keep a hold on the stronger ones.
  • Keyword research: By targeting the keywords that your audience might type into the search engines, you can have your blogs show up as one of the results of the search. There are free tools available online to help you with this like the adwords keyword tool.
  • Spice up the look: Don’t get so busy with the technical aspects that you completely forget about the aesthetics. Apart from the content, your site should look attractive and beautiful so that people like visiting and scrolling through it.
  • Subscriptions: Allow potential audience to subscribe to your blog through feeds or e-mails. Remember that you need them more than they need you so make it as user-friendly as possible.
  • The events: Host events and also attend others to publicize your blog. Meet new people, form new connections and all this will automatically follow up to you blog page with discussions on the events you attended, etc.
  • Surveys and researches: Follow up on what your readers are thinking because feedback is as important as the content of your blog. Find out what they like about your blog and what they don’t, what you could improve and what you should remove and, any other suggestions that your readers are willing to give.
  • Work regularly—Blogs aren’t a one-day job. If you want a successful blog, you have to work consistently and not give up.

The world doesn’t have a lack of blogs to view, but you might have to fight your way up to get the most possible no. of viewers in your site. Follow the steps above and keep innovating, and the traffic that you’ll get as a result will be outstanding.

Abhishek is a content writer and he writes on a range of topics including IT, real estate, construction and SEO. In his spare time, he likes to travel and explore new destinations. Please click here to connect with him on Linkedin.