How To Get Valuable Content On Your Website Without Using Articles

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We all know that since Google started their campaign of Panda updates, the need for valuable content has increased. The Panda updates have been happening regularly over the past 24 months and with every update, the need for unique content has increased. Even though we know that Google algorithm updates are going to be less obvious from March 2013 the push for decent contact is more important than ever.

In the past, when we talked about content it was articles. Article marketing and directories was a massive part of marketing a website, and so when we talked about content we talked about unique, keyword rich articles. However these days, the need for unique content is much more extensive.


Many people can be put off of creating Infographics for their website because of the fact they don’t have any graphic design skills. However this is not a reason to be put off, because if you look online you will see that there are many different online tools that can help you.

A well designed Infographics is a great way of putting across all of your information in a small space. However perhaps the best thing about these is that they encourage people to share them. Going viral and getting people to share your content on their websites and blogs is essential when it comes to having a successful inbound marketing campaign.


It can be hard to know what videos to create, but if you can come up with something to promote your business then this can be great. I am sure we can all think of videos that have gone viral and catapulted a company to fame (dancing ponies anyone!). Even if you can’t come up with something of this magnitude it is a great idea to try and think of videos you can place on your website as people are likely to watch these and even search them!

Offer Free Resources

If you can write help guides and pages of advice on your website then this is fantastic. We are a nosey nation which means that we want to read as much about things as we can. By having lots of information, even via a downloadable e-book you are giving your customers exactly what they want. On top of that, if the content is valuable enough and has enough to say then people are likely to spread word and share it with friends – so it is another way of getting the name of your business out there.

Of course these three ideas are just a start – whatever type of content you can add to your website can really help. That said this shouldn’t distract all of your efforts away from articles and content. Well written and interesting text on your website is essential and something that you should spend plenty of time on making sure that you get things right.

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