How To Ignite Your Business Passion When The Flame Is Running Low

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Hey, running your own business is the dream, right? It is for so many of us; at least, it starts out that right way.

In an attempt to pursue the art of purposeful living, escaping the rat race to start out on our own, we begin in business with vigor, excitement, and (especially if we are following a personal passion), a great love for what we are doing.

And then?

The monotony sets in, as we have to deal with elements of business that don’t exactly set our entrepreneurial worlds on fire. We discover that running a business can be one paved with difficulties, with obstacles to overcome that can sometimes seem overwhelming. And so the flame begins to run low, in dire need of something to reignite it into that fire that once burned with passion in our hearts. 

Just what are we supposed to do? We have to do something, because once that flame runs out, we may well give up on our business dreams. And in the meantime, we might face further hardships in business if our lack of passion feeds into our productivity levels. 

Here are some suggestions that might help you.

Remember to be grateful

It can be easy to focus on the negatives when your passion is running low. You might dwell on the endless reams of paperwork, as well as those chore-like tasks that derail your levels of joy. Instead, try to concentrate not on those things that sap your positivity, but rather those aspects of your business that do benefit you. It might be the fact that you have managed to escape the daily grind of the 9-5. It could be the fact that you are able to make money from what was once a humble hobby. And there may be tasks on your to-do list that give you some level of enjoyment. Focus on these things, and let them rule your thinking when negativity threatens to take over.

Find ways to beat the mundane

Don’t let the mundanity of some of your business tasks ruin your day. Instead, find ways to beat the problem, perhaps by outsourcing those jobs you hate to others, or by delegating them to employees who find them less of a drag than you do. Consider automating some of your worst tasks with business software too, perhaps considering the benefits of a Human Resources Information System (HRIS) to manage such things as your payroll and staff training responsibilities. When you have removed the mundanity of your business day, you might then start to feel more enthused about your business, as you will have more time to spend on the things you enjoy.

Take a break

Sometimes, we lose passion because we are on the cusp of burnout. Those long days in the office do eventually take their toll, and we start to suffer both mental and physical exhaustion. So, if you can spot the signs of burnout in your life, get away for a while. Take a week off, or even longer, and rest until you have found your mojo again. While we appreciate the difficulty in taking time off, especially when your income is at risk, this is better than running the risk of further losses because your health has taken a hit. Delegate and outsource your work if you can, or let your customers and clients know that you are going to be out of action for a little while. If you have already retained their loyalty, they shouldn’t grumble too much at your need for some time away. Hopefully, you will then return, refreshed, and with a better perspective on your business.


So, fight hard to keep the flame alive. Your business matters to you, so follow our suggestions and do whatever else it takes to ignite your passions. Let us know your thoughts too, and inspire our readers with your personal stories of retaining a love for business if you have found a way forward yourself.