How to Launch an eBook

In today’s online marketing world, you can’t just hope to plaster the web with ads, and expect buyers to flock to you with the wallet in their hands. People expect to get value first, and they want it for free.m and that’s why content marketing has become so popular.

As a result, if you’re planning to make money online selling a product or a service, the process you will have to go through will be:

give value for free –> build up a need for more —> give that extra value in exchange of money

But what is value anyway?

One possible answer is: whatever fulfills a need. In this sense, even a cat meme will work, because people want to be entertained. However, the best value you can offer is when you teach something to someone, and most of the times words are still the main way to do it.

So if you have a knowledge that other people could benefit from, you should start planning to write and launch an e-book. Although it’s no longer the one and only way to convey knowledge, the written word is not out of fashion, and virtually every niche can have a related book that provides great value.

How do you promote and sell your value?

We won’t beat around the bush here: the best tool you can use is email marketing. After “content is king,” “the money is in the list” is the most repeated phrase in the online marketing arena, and every seasoned marketer would agree.

A list of subscribers who are interested in what you have to say and offer is an invaluable asset, even better than a first place in the SERPS. Think about it: even if your SEO practices are nothing less than white-hat, your site might still suffer from an algo update, and you might lose most of your traffic overnight. However, a large email list will keep your business alive even without organic traffic. The larger it is, the less you need to rely on Google.

In this two-post series we will teach you how to successfully launch an e-book using an email marketing campaign with little audience. The assumption is that you already have a website with a few RSS or email subscribers (let’s say about 100), and that you are already working on an e-book with great content.

Announce it to the world

The promotion of your book will start way before it’s launched. If you just sit quiet and write and start promoting it after it’s out, you won’t go very far. People don’t know you, so why should they buy it?

For starters, create a landing page where you announce that you’re writing something about a specific topic, with a box where they can enter their email to receive updates about the launch. Start building interest by adding a preview of the different chapters and a paragraph.

Also, promote it through different means, for example via social media, or in any interaction you have via email with your readers. By doing this, you’ll start building a list of people who are specifically interested in your book. It might not be huge, but sure it will be targeted.

ABG: Always Be Giving (value)

In the meantime, create a couple of in-depth blog posts related to the topic you’re writing on, adding a box at the bottom with something along the lines of “by the way, there will be a book about this topic very soon, drop your email if you want to know more about it.” Whenever the posts are shared, this other opt-in form will also be shared.

Lather, rinse, repeat

With the strategy so far, not only will you build your email list, but credibility as well, which is another crucial part of convincing someone to buy from you. Again, keep on reaching out regularly to your list during the whole pre-launch period. There are different ways in which you can provide more value and build more interest:

  • keep your subscribers informed about the work in progress
  • give more info about the content
  • write more useful posts on the subject

And to know about out special tactic for launch day, don’t miss the second post of the series.