How to Make a Profit with White Label Re-seller Programs

How to Make a Profit with White Label Re-seller Programs

For the small business, gaining the recognition of the big one is always a hard mission, even if the product the small company develops is equal or even surpassing in quality. It takes years of hard toil to develop own app, website or advertising platform but the costs bite the most when we talk about raising the brand recognition and conquering own share of the overcrowded market. According to the brand-growing agencies, a single design outsourcing will normally take from $1,000 to $50,000 and up.

The experience of companies that have adopted the white label framework of development shows that this model can be beneficial for start-ups and big companies alike because there are many ways in which white label programs can be integrated. The brands simply buy a ready-made solution from a white label reseller and build their own business models on them.
Let’s take a look at the areas they’re applied in and discover the money-gaining benefits they provide.

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What is a White Label Re-seller?

A white label re-seller is a company which supplies no name products or services to other companies that resell them under their own brand. These products resemble a shirt without a tag. It may cost $5, but if you sew a Gucci tag on it, you may sell it for $500.

Yes, this means that white label re-seller platforms give you vast opportunities to grow with minimal investment and even make substantial profits. You may do anything you want with a product after you pay for it and get a license. Resell it for a higher price, modify it and market as an entirely new or provide your clients with top-notch services without hiring experts.

Almost any digital product or service can be white labelled: software, mobile apps, search engine, and social media optimization services, advertising solutions, and so on. Read on and find out 4 best suppliers of white label re-seller programs in the tech sphere and app building.

SmartyAds — White Label Advertising Solution

Today we woke up in 2018: selling or buying ads in the digital marketplace doesn’t require human involvement. No more reason to do this by hand since we have programmatic advertising solutions. Aside from providing media buying solution under their own brand, they act as a programmatic advertising white label, meaning every brand can grow their own business model on their programmatic technologies such as SSP, DSP or white label ad exchange.

Supply Side Platforms (SSP) for those who want to sell their inventory at the best price, Demand Side Platforms (DSP) for media buyers who need more control over their budget and targeting, and ad exchanges for everybody who are eager to establish their own trading rules. All solutions are customizable and may be easily tailored to your needs or the needs of the company.

Buildfire — Mobile App White Label Reseller Platform

The mobile market share worldwide comprises 53%, when the desktop’s share reaches only 43%. Around 85% of users favor apps over mobile websites due to their higher speed and better convenience. The demand for well-built apps is only increasing, but not every agency can cope with such a mammoth influx of orders.

Instead of developing an app from scratch, you can rapidly create a mobile app using Buildfire’s tools and features. Even the company that doesn’t have any experienced coders on board may start delivering fully operational mobile apps to its clients with the white label program. According to Buildfire, their customers jointly saved $250,000,000 on app development, so why don’t you minimize your expenses as well?

Social Report — Social Media Software Reseller

Social media had gone far beyond being merely an entertainment media for bored teenagers. If you still neglect social media marketing, you’ll likely to be less successful in the product’s promotion than your rival who is keen on SMM. 50 million small businesses use Facebook to get in touch with their customers, we bet your clients do the same.

But it’s getting hard to manage Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others when the audience is growing and new features are emerging. Fortunately, social data and analytics services like Social Report make our lives easier.

This white label re-seller opens access to their sophisticated platform for anyone who wants to improve the effectiveness of their SM marketing With Social Report, you can receive detailed reports of your own company’s social media activity or put your brand’s label on this software and offer it as a ready-made solution to your clients.

SEOReseller — SEO White Label Company

If some companies lack specialists, resources, and time for software development, the others have no tools and skills to help clients sell better. This way, an agency specialized in app building and web design may lag behind the competition only because nobody in this team understands SEO.

SEOReseller provides white label re-seller programs and marketing services for those who need to outsource their SEO. It’s a marketplace where you can purchase a service package and redirect your client’s project to SEOReseller’s experts. Still, the services are provided under your brand’s name and you are the one who takes responsibility for the result. This way, your reputation only grows up if you sign with a reliable white label business that is SEOReseller.

To wrap it up

Quite convenient, isn’t it? Dealing with white label re-sellers, you spare yourself a ton of unnecessary expenses. Moreover, you always make a profit. White labels sell their products at a relatively lower cost, so you benefit from reselling even keeping prices affordable. The only challenge that remains is how to find more clients and gain more but that’s the story for our next article.