#iahsfb, tweets and the “news”

Twitter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My previous job to Clickstop was in “the media”.  At Source Media group in the web department team – to be exact.  Back in those days I used to have what may be referred to as “spirited discussions” with colleagues about social media and twitter and the like.

Its funny how some people still have an aversion to Twitter.  I really see more and more uses for it everyday and how it has become an integrated part of my everyday life.  There is so much good information, which of course also brings unwanted crap.  But – in reality, if someone is using a medium for SPAM…doesn’t that kind of validate the idea it is popular?

Tonight is no exception, the town I live in – Solon, Iowa is in the Iowa High School Football Playoffs.  It was raining when I got home and it just didn’t feel like fun to go to the game and sit in the rain.

But I really wanted to know the score and updates…we’re a small town – did I mention that.  We don’t have a radio station (although – I am pondering the concept of a internet based concept)  and there is no TV coverage.  So – how do we figure it out?  That’s right…the Twitter.

Athletic Director Keith McSweeney is at the game and he is kind enough to tweet updates.


He had 2 more updates, most times at a score and then gave an update at halftime.


Again, a couple more updates and we’re all over folks.


Earth shattering news…no – but its the news I wanted, when I wanted it.  Oh – and also, because I am usually at the game or on twitter 3 others txt’d during the game for the update.

So what – what does it prove.  Well, it proves there is a ton of great information out there.  It also proves, there is almost always someone somewhere watching or wanting to watch the thing I want to see or am seeing…so – Twittter fills a need for people who want and seek.

Now fast forward a few years when the smartphone becomes a diction device and automatically documents the entire game…and broadcasts that on twitter.  Maybe with video, or pictures and/or audio.  Its not a stretch – its possible and makes sense.  Its may be a little creepy…but interesting, none the less.

But what does it mean?  It means news and information is happening – and the speed at which it travels is increasing.  How soon can I get that game in real time…who knows – but I think its petty cool.

And thanks for the tweets Keith.