Identifying The Money Keywords For Affiliate Marketing

No matter how great your affiliate marketing website looks or how interesting the content is, if you don’t pay sufficient attention to keywords, you may jeopardise how much visitor traffic you get to your site. Here’s all you need to know about identifying the most profitable keywords in your affiliate marketing endeavours.

Why are keywords important?

In a nutshell, keywords will help drive visitor traffic to your website. Choosing the right type of keywords is important because it will have an influence on how high you rank in search engine listings.

Many people new to affiliate marketing take a bit of a hit and miss approach to trying to select the right keywords, and often it only comes with a bit of experience that they learn what works and what doesn’t work. However, that’s not to say that newbie affiliate marketers aren’t in a position to be able to focus their efforts on optimising the most profitable keyword choices. There are a number of strategies in place to help in this task.

Be targeted

A good way to choose the best keywords for your campaign is to select words that are targeted. If you go for a very general word, then you will face a lot of competition. However, a long-tail keyword, ie, one with three or more words, may not give you as much traffic as a very general keyword, but you’ll probably find that the traffic you do get will be of high quality.

Think about the buying cycle

If you want to choose the best keywords then think about those that someone would pick when at or near to the end of the buying cycle. Often, the conversation rate will be high from this traffic, even if the volume might not be as big if you went for something more general.

Use keyword research tools

Make use of keyword research tools to help you identify keyword options. The great thing about using these tools is that it could throw up lots of ideas that you hadn’t originally thought about. It’s also handy for the newbie affiliate marketer who is getting to grips with keyword selection for the first time.

Once you’ve got your keyword list from the search tool, you may need to refine it by focusing on specific words or applying filters. Always keep in mind that your keyword should be as specific to your content as much as possible.

Have a look as well to see how many times people are searching for particular keywords. High volume search terms can give you an indication about demand and help you tailor your keywords accordingly.

You can also use research tools to work out how much competitors are earning from particular keywords and how much merchants are paying per click to receive traffic from individual keywords. Whilst this isn’t a completely foolproof method to work out which keywords will pay the most for you, it certainly forms a good starting point.

Use a variety of methods until you get a feel for the value of different keywords. Remember, that once you’ve made your selection you’ll need to monitor how successful they are and possibly amend or tweak them to get the most benefit.

Words are very important in any aspect of life but when the amount of profit you make depends on them, they become much more important. The keywords you choose are extremely important and here at Clicksure we help as much as possible to ensure your campaign is successful.