Important Things to Consider When Relocating Your Business Premises

There are many reasons why businesses decide to relocate. Maybe your business is expanding and needs a bigger building to match, or your lease is ending soon. Regardless of your reasons for relocating, there are many factors to consider when you change business premises. 

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Finding the Right Size

Getting the right size of business premises is essential. You don’t want to pay for space that you don’t need. But, you also don’t want to relocate again soon if your business expands further. Think carefully about your business plans for the short, medium and long term before making a final decision on the business premises that is best for your company.

Don’t forget that the layout of your new building is also essential. Consider how you need the space divided up in terms of office space, workshop space, meeting rooms etc. If you are changing to a different building you need to be sure that it can comfortably accommodate the various functions that your business uses.

If you receive large deliveries, you will need to ensure there is ample room for truck access, and for them to safely maneuver in your delivery area.


The location you choose as your new base is vital for several reasons. Firstly, if you rely on footfall and passing trade as your primary sources of customers, you will need to do some research on the new area. Secondly, think about how easy or difficult it will be for your staff to get into work and home again each day. If employees are used to being in a city center location, but you then relocate out of town, this could cause a logistical nightmare for your staff members. Some employees may see their travel costs increase dramatically, or have no way of getting into work each day as a result of the relocation.

It is also crucial to keep the costs of couriers and delivery firms in mind. If you move further out, your shipping costs could increase significantly.


It would be practically impossible nowadays to find a business that doesn’t depend on technology in some form. Thinking about how your existing technology will transition into a new location is key for keeping your business running smoothly during the move. You will likely need to use a company such as Caslec Industries Pty Ltd to install data cables to get your network up and running as soon as possible.

The technology that you use to keep your business secure and protected will also need to be installed at your new site too. CCTV systems, key-code entry systems and electric shutters are some of the security technology items that you may need installed at your new building.

While it may seem like there is a lot to do to get your business up and running in a new location, it can offer many benefits. As well as an improved work space, the change itself can bring new energy to your business and breathe new life into it.