Infographic: How Big is Apple, Really?

Although Apple is one of the biggest technology companies in the world today, their financial history has been a mix of ups and downs. In fact, before Steve Jobs returned in 1996, Apple almost went bankrupt and was bailed out by none other than Bill Gates.

However, their downhill financial battle has been put behind them. Today, Apple is the textbook business school example of how to run a company as efficiently and productively as possible. By keeping their costs low and their profits high, Apple has been able to enjoy unrivaled success with the few products they’ve released IPhones alone make almost half of their revenues and every time a new product or update is released, it is backordered before it even hits shelves. With higher revenues than the GDP of most countries, Apple isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Just how big is Apple? With $508 billion in revenues, it’s safe to say Apple is big enough.

Source: Best Computer Science Degrees