Information about the Google Panda Algorithm Update

I feel bad for all of you that had SEO down to a science because once again Google has updated its algorithm.

This time it’s called the Panda algorithm, which adheres to the farmer algorithm and the target is content farms, among other things.

Keep in mind that all Google is trying to do is get rid of all the crap and poor quality articles on the Internet. They want to get rid of repetition and people buying mass numbers of low quality articles just to fill their site and increase their ranking.

Makes sense doesn’t it?

The Basics of PLR

PLR means ‘private label rights.’ In general, this is basic content sold to people at a cheap rate. It is not produced specifically for a certain buyer and pretty much anyone can buy it. The content can be used repeatedly as long it is not resold directly.

PLR content is for web content, blogs, and product information content to name a few.

People like PLR because it gives them instant information they can use anytime they want. You don’t have to wait for a writer to create it. PLR also makes setting up a website a fast process. In a matter of minutes you can have yours slapped together and ready to go.

As well, many people use this content specifically as articles for directories. They place a link on the bottom and shoot it out to as many directories as possible throughout the net. The theory is that people will back link to their site from all different corners of the globe.

The main disadvantage is that the content is not unique. There is nothing to make you stand out, sort of like you are just another number. You are not giving people a special reason to pay attention to you with PLR content.

How Will Panda Affect Your Blog?

The reason for this recent ‘sweep’ is to make sure that the best content is available through the search engines and that users don’t come across crap!

If you are using PLR content to get hundreds of back links back to your site, by submitting hundreds of poor quality articles to every search engine you can find, Google panda will hunt you down and eat you up!

If you like to use content farms, you are in for a bit of a rough ride because Google has taken firm action in preventing you from doing that. Why? Because they don’t want you to!

Some of the sites greatly affected were,, and

Since the panda update, these sites are getting less than half the hits they did before this massive sweep.

Why Did Google Do This?

For money of course! Google’s business customers are likely occurring at a very low ‘clicking through rate,’ because of the way these sites were using Google AdSense.

I’ll explain this a little more.

Most businesses use Google content feature to place ads on websites. Most of the websites affected by Panda, were using Google Adsense to make their money. Anybody could load content to their site and they would have Adsense on the page so you didn’t know which was ads and which was content.

Website owners get money based on the visitors clicking on their Google Ads. The more traffic coming through daily to these websites, the more money the owners were making, regardless of quality content they had on their site or how good their business was.

Logic would dictate that people were advertising and getting clicks, would be very happy. But this wasn’t the case, because most of the visitors coming to their site weren’t buying anything.

Hence the marketing world was getting antsy because Google AdWords content base was not producing leads, people were misleading the service so companies advertising were missing out and because for each click of the mouse, they have to pay these sites that are misdirecting traffic.

The point of ‘pay per click’ is to bring buyers to your site and generate sales. The idea being that you take risks and with a plan and a little logic, it usually works out.

Google isn’t stupid; they understand that there are better places on the net to advertise, like Facebook. If they didn’t do anything, people would start to look at that option and abandon Google.

Google took action and ensured their clients were happy, instead of letting them get ticked off. Hence they have limited the number of main keywords, to get rid of the ‘crap’ and in turn make certain their biggest clients keep using their service.

Advertising is Google’s main revenue stream and they need customers to do it.

How To Avoid Being Affecting By Google Panda Update

Well the easier route is to avoid putting repetitive or weak content on your website! That one is a no brainer. This is not to say that you can’t use PLR content. It just means you need to be smart about it.

Make sure the article becomes your own. You can do this my simply changing a few words and phrases. If you don’t want to do this you can hire a writer to rewrite the article for you, at a fraction of the cost for you to hire them to write the article for you from scratch.

You could also use the PLR content you purchased as a research base. Reading these articles will give you the knowledge you need to write an article for yourself. Let’s say that you buy ten articles on golf drivers. After sifting through all of those articles, you will have quite a base of information to expand upon. You can use this newly developed pool of information, to create your own unique content.

Or it’s a cheap way of not having to pay a writer to do research on your article. The writer won’t have to bill you for five extra hours of scouring the net researching the articles. Instead they will take the information you have given them and just get to writing your articles. A good writer can do this rather quickly and this route will save you money.

As well you can turn the PLR content into audio or video. Google can’t recognize if text has been copied over to video or audio. You are only changing the form in which you deliver it. Needless to say, video marketing is really big these days and making a video is really quite simple and affective when it comes to marketing.

How about combining various articles to make a new one. This will allow you to use the PLR content you’ve bought, to make something uniquely yours. You can also put pieces of different articles together to form new ones. Think of it like sort of recreating.

Of course you will need to connect things together by adding a few words and making it flow. But these are very minor adjustments that shouldn’t take any time at all.

Each of these suggestions will help you avoid being affected by Google’s latest move. Be smart about it and don’t be lazy and you’ll be just fine.

So Is PLR Useless Now?

As suggested above, there are still ways of using PLR effectively for your business purposes. You just have to look at the big picture and commit to a stoppage in cutting and pasting because that’s just not going to work anymore.

You will need to put your thinking cap on and use the article to create something you can use.

So don’t panic, use this situation as an opportunity to think outside the box. This update had the intention of getting poor-quality and duplicate content out of the search engines. Outside of the abusers, who wouldn’t want that?

The result was that huge sites with crappy content were definitely zapped and the smaller sites with solid content weren’t affected.

So if you are giving valuable content to your visitors, you won’t have any issues. PLR content can still be used to your advantage but only IF you make it uniquely yours.

Not Done Yet!

Don’t kid yourself; by no means is Google done just yet. They aren’t number one for being stupid, that’s for sure! To stay ahead of the game Google will have to keep refining the systems in place on the net.

They will always be filtering out websites that have less than stellar content or copied articles. This ‘panda’ move shook things up a little but think of this as the tip of the iceberg because the best is yet to come.

You can still use PLR; just make sure it’s unique and good. If you are lazy and plaster your site with cheap filler and copied content, you are just going to lose out. Take the content and reformat or recreate it into something that someone would like to read or for that matter that you would like to read.

Give people what they want, which is great content and quality information, do that and you will be just fine!


Author: Pat Tate

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