iPhone 5 VS iPhone 4

Progress is always developing. Old models are displaced by new technologies. New models are improved, they have new possibilities. Comparing iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 we will better understand development of progress.

Advantages of iPhone 5 in comparison with iPhone 4:

  1. The iPhone 5 is more comfortable in using. It is thinner than iPhone 4(9.3 mm VS 7.6mm). You even don’t feel it in your pocket.
  2. Both of them have Retina displays. But display’s surface is better. Color saturation has increased to 40%.
  3. The iPhone 5 is longer than his predecessor. More space for photos, videos, apps, and websites.
  4. This new model is vastly lighter versus iPhone 4(137g). His weight is 112 g.
  5. The iPhone 5 work faster. The iPhone 4 has A4 chip, which performs four times slower in compare with A6. In speed new iPhone has cracked a record to the smartphone.
  6. The iPhone 5 doubles 512 MB of random-access memory (RAM) in iPhone 4. New model’s RAM is 1 GB.
  7. The iPhone 4 offers only one variant of flash memory-8 GB. The iPhone 5 give you possibility to choose flash memory, which you need- 16/32/64 GB.
  8. New model has 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution). LTE download speed ranges from 8Mbps to 40Mbps. The iPhone 4 has only 3G speeds.
  9. Battery life of iPhone 4 is 7 hours. With iPhone 5 you can talk an hour more. It is really achievement, because of LTE.
  10. The camera in iPhone 5 is fine and spiky. Your video and photos (720p video to 1080p video), video calls will be more qualitative, because of improvement of the front-facing (Face Time) camera (from VGA to 1.2 MP front).

Progress will never stand. During the time, people’s demands change and, as a result, new models become old. Today the iPhone 5 is significantly more perfect and improved in comparison with iPhone 4. Tomorrow iPhone 5 will be less advanced because of appearing iPhone 6.

This article was written by Anna Lia. guest blogger from Chisinau, MD. She is now writing for FastLoanTree.com

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