Is Cloud Technology Good for Business?

More and more businesses are moving towards cloud technology when it comes to storing data, so what are the main pros and cons of it?


Storing data in the cloud is a very flexible way of doing it because you can store as much as you want without running out of space. There’s no physical disk space for you to fill or backup. All of that’s taken care of by the vendor you use. And if you need more space then you just carry on filling it up, and you won’t run out. This means you can move quickly and meet the forever changing demands that you often have to face as a business owner.

The improvement that it can make to your employees is huge too. They will instantly find it much simpler and easier to collaborate and work remotely because they can upload, share and sync documents at any time or place. This makes your business much more flexible as a whole and able to share ideas in a swift and straightforward manner. There’s no waiting around for paper documents to be passed around or emails getting lost or ignored.

The environment will also benefit from you switching to cloud-based storage systems. You’ll use a lot less energy and emit less carbon dioxide by storing your data in the cloud. This is because you won’t have any need to run on-site servers. Some people argue that small businesses could cut their energy usage by up to 90% by doing this!


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Storing data in the cloud puts your business and its functionality under the thumb of your internet connection. In other words, if you have problems with accessing the internet, you’re not going to be able to access your data either. This serves to offer a double whammy setback when your internet connection fails you. This is a problem you don’t get if you use more conventional methods to store your data.

Security is another big concern that you’ll need to take into consideration. Cloud computing means storing your data on the internet, meaning that there is always a risk of hacking and leaks. Of course, there are strong security systems provided by most cloud storage providers, but there’s no such thing as 100% security on the internet. If someone with the right skills is determined to hack you, they’ll hack you. It might be a small risk, but it still exists.

The quality of vendors offering cloud storage solutions varies wildly, so this is something you’ll have to be very careful about. You need to do extensive research into the company before you hand over your cash. You’re best picking a reputable provider like IESA because some other vendors don’t offer the same level of support or technical help when you require it.


The pros and cons of cloud-based technology are vast. There are great arguments to be considered on both sides of the debate. If you can find a good vendor whose technology is strong and whose character your trust, then cloud storage could be a great thing for your business.