Latest ICO Website Design Trends 2019

If you happen to already know what an ICO is, then you probably want to make your ICO website more optimized for the coming financial year. Here, all the website design trends to make for a better ICO website has been listed out. 

However, if you have just stumbled upon this article and don’t know what an ICO is, here is a short introduction to catch you up.

What is ICO?

ICO, or initial coin offering is a venture that one might take to kick-start their own cryptocurrency without having to give up any ownership of their company. The person who initiates the cryptocurrency has to write down the details of how their currency system would work, make a website and convince people that it is a good idea to invest in. Because cryptocurrency is so easy to make, those creating the cryptocurrency have to offer something to the people in order to get their currency to take off. Unlike initial public offering where you offer stocks to capital investors and so on, initial coin offering is the act of giving your cryptocurrency to the people who are paying for it. 

Why do I need to use ICO website design trends?

The process of the people offering money to a cryptocurrency venture that may or may not take off and the risk of them holding absolutely worthless currency is exactly why you need a good website design. Literally anyone can start a cryptocurrency, but it takes skill and knowledge to navigate through how to make their currency worth something. Because of how high-risk this venture is, investing in some good website design is a great way to bring people in and get your currency to take off.

How to be able to design your ICO website

Here are some key points to keep in mind before making an ICO website:

  • 70% of people will leave a website if it is difficult to navigate
  • Surveys show that people are rapidly shifting towards mobile use
  • Users will leave a website if it does not load within 3 seconds
  • There is a higher retention of users for a well-designed and aesthetic website

All of these things considered, what are people actually looking at when they go to ICO websites? 

First, you may be familiar with the usage of a calm yet appealing colour palette, something that is dark so that it is easier on the users eyes and they want to stay for longer. Second, you have to format your information in a way that it feels natural for the user to discover more. For example, where you have a big header in front of your page, and then have a countdown and a couple of links right below that explaining what’s going on. 

One of the best things you can do for your website is not redirect your user to another tab, but show the information required on the very same page if they click a link. All the page will do is scroll down automatically. It is very user friendly and saves on data. And at last, obviously, you would want a well-designed graphic that will get people interested in what you have to offer. Many people stay purely for the aesthetic and get drawn in easily. Well-designed graphics play a huge factor in this, much like a movie poster.

Here are some website trends that you can implement into your website to get more users and retain potential buyers. 

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Website trends for ICO

Develop a credible UX design for your website

For people to invest in your website, it will have to be ‘credible’ according to the standards set by UX basics (user experience.) especially since 2019, users have been more cautious about what they consider credible. Crypto markets have been going through the on-going regulation trend even since big investors started getting involved. Here is how you can gain credibility:

  • Be clear and transparent about your message
  • Display the whitepaper written by people with a good technical background
  • Have improved security protocols
  • Get software that monitor cases of price manipulation.

Big and bold

People like when they get more information with as little effort as possible. It is the entire basis of YouTube. Hence, while designing your website, ensure that you write your message in a big and bold font, so that users can gain all the information they need about what your ICO is about while also having a huge impact left on them, i.e. it imprints on their mind and they remember it for days after.


A lot of ICO start-ups use minimalism as a consistent theme. This is because the simplistic design is easy for the user to navigate through, and visual clutter is removed from the picture. This retains their attention and the information you want to give them pops out more than if you had chosen a more elaborate theme or design.

Being creative with colour and gradient

Usually ICO websites like to stick to a certain limited number of colours, or barely any colours so as not to scare away the customers. New trends suggest that users like the appeal of colour and colour gradients. Do not be afraid to experiment with colour and see what ends up working for your website.


This works in tandem with a minimalist design, where strategic placement of the information and content can make your site memorable instead of being one of the many other minimalist websites that an average user goes through. This is partially what makes a site so attractive, along with how smoothly it can work.

Effect and animations

This is a tricky one, but when done right, it can entertain and invest the user. Little text animations, or subtle effects for the banner can do wonders to make your site more memorable to the average viewer. This also works when you want to redirect them to a different part of the page without wanting them to open another tab entirely.

How can I achieve this?

Normally, you would require the help of a Website Design Company to achieve all of the above. Even if you manage to design a website on your own, implementing all the trends into your website would require professional help since some of the coding gets a bit complicated. However, it is a small investment for something that potentially has great returns. You are going to want to choose a company that has had great results in the past.