Learning from IKEA

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Danny Brown had a great post about IKEA and the design of their stores.  It reminded me of the struggles my work is going through right now trying to be come better eCommerce people.  Here are a few things from the article – see the full post here:

Learning from IKEA

Great point and one that is hard to do.  Hard to have the discipline:

Consumers love simplicity. We don’t want to be confused with multiple messages and options. We just want to buy the product or service that we need at that time and have it work, or improve our lives. Make our lives simpler.

Same concept we should emulate online:

BUT… I am a huge fan of the layouts in their retail stores. You go in the front entrance, and you simply follow a path until you reach the checkouts. You never feel lost, or cluttered – everything is relaxing.

Anyway – great food for thoughts.  Please leave comments if you know of other great user experience in online or off line stores.

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