Liberating Your Staff Through Technology

Technology is the great liberator. It allows us to work more efficiently, we can reach a wider audience, and we’re able to work together or alone on projects in a way that would have been impossible just a few years ago. If you run a company, then the power of technology should be especially exciting, since it allows your staff to deliver their best work. But of course, this will only happen if you have the right systems in place to make it a reality. Below, we take a look at a few tried and tested tips for unleashing the power of your staff through the use of tech. 

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Own Devices

It’s normal for companies to give their staff a business device with which to work, such as a computer. However, there’s an issue with this approach. Employees don’t work as well with company devices as they do their own. They spend many hours using their laptop at home, they know how it feels, they can navigate with ease, and so on. When they get into work, it takes some time to get used to the foreign machine they’re being told to use. As such, take a look at letting your team bring their own devices to work, and use them. If you take the right security measures, there’ll be little issue — and productivity might soar. 

Collaborative Software

Your team will have plenty of ideas of their own (or they will if you’ve hired the right players), and it’s important that you’re giving them time and space to put their ideas into practice. But additionally, you’ll also want to encourage collaborative efforts between your employees. Some workers just click together, and if the systems are in place to help them work, then you don’t know what they might achieve. As well as the software, you should provide time and space (in working hours) for them to work, and host social events so that bonds can be made. 

Working From Anywhere

We’re beginning to understand more and more about how people work. It turns out that the traditional way of doing things — working from 9 – 5, in the office — is good for authority, not so good for productivity. Many employees work much better from home (or elsewhere). Thanks to technology, a ‘work from anywhere’ policy has never been easier to enact. Look at working with Arnet Tech to get the cloud storage that’ll allow your team to access the important documents from anywhere, and give it a try. Other companies are having great success with this approach — you might too. 

Watertight Systems

No matter where your staff is working from, you’ll want to ensure that you have watertight IT systems in place, since this will help them to work at their best. There’s nothing worse than trying to work, but constantly being thwarted by systems that are slow or down altogether. Stay on top of your IT systems, and your employees will be able to work in the groove, without any interruptions.