SEO Test: Do same IP links have equal link juice in Google results?

UPDATE: 2012-07-11

We have some results…it appears that same IP address links are under the watch of the Big G and we need to be careful – here is the results page showing that Destination 2 was ranking the highest, then Dest 3 followed by Destination 1, which had two links from the same IP pointing back to it.

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**** Original Post from January 8, 2012 ****

We have been building some greats tests, and have enjoyed executing them.

One SEO Test we have been wanting to run is around the relm of backlinks coming into a site from the same IP address.  Some people say that Google is watching those and it will cut down on the link juice – others disagree and call BS.  There is only one way to find out…lets seo test it.

The SEO Test:

Link two sites from the same IP to a third site, once we will link both site 1 and site 2 to the same page, then again to two separate pages.  See if Google penalizes the page which receives a link from two same IP address sites.

As you can see in the picture to the right, we have built two links from to our destination site –  One to Dest 1  and one to Dest 2.  We did the same thing with – but its second link goes to Desc 3 on our target site. and IP addresses are:
blog.uscargontrol’s IP is:


the link to    – use the same keyword and see if we get equal link

So – to come up a lot is if you can have a number of sites on the same IP address and have the links from those sites “count” in building good backlinks.  This is especially important to me as I like to setup websites under a parent site in WordPress MultiSite.

this one sets out to determine if links from the same IP address carry the same weight as links from different IP addresses.

Which test won?