Make Money from the Gaming Community with this Awesome Guide

There are millions of gamers in the gaming community, and many of them are extremely enthusiastic about their favorite hobby. And, like any industry, there’s plenty of opportunities to make a profit by catering to their wants and needs. If you know something about gaming, and perhaps are already established in the community, you could turn your knowledge and reputation into a business. There are many ways you could turn a profit from this passionate and fast-moving sector. Perhaps you too love gaming, and you want to make it your life. Becoming a professional gamer isn’t the only way to do it. If you’re interested in setting up a company that caters to games fans, keep reading to get some inspiration on how you can do it.

Run a Blog

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Running a blog is a popular way of making money over the internet, for people from a broad range of interests and industry. From mommy bloggers to foodie writers, people find lots of different ways to make money from their writing. One of the things you can do on a blog is host advertising, whether it’s through Google Adwords or hiring out your own advertising space. You can also advertise for other companies by writing reviews for their products and allowing their representatives to place sponsored posts on your site. Joining an affiliate program is another great way of bringing money in. Every purchase of a product through your links will get you a commission. You can also put donation links on your site, but you need to tell people what you want the money for, and show them the evidence when it’s done. Many fans are happy to support a blogger that they love.


R Pollard
R Pollard

R Pollard

Make Videos

Some lucky gamers have gained great success and Youtube fame by producing videos. Everyone finds their own thing to do, with an angle that will start bringing in followers. Once your videos start getting a certain number of views on Youtube, you can add adverts to the beginning of them and start making money. But you can also use video clips to send people toward your other money-making ventures. For example, you can mention in videos that you have a blog or an eBook for sale. For some people, producing videos can get them a lot of attention and lead to other opportunities. You might upload clips of you or others playing games, you could review products, or you could give advice.

Run Tournaments

If you have the business skills, you could run events and tournaments to start bringing in money. Of course, you’ll need some capital to start with. You need to hire a venue, and you have to have prizes too. A lot of work will need to go into this kind of event, and you won’t necessarily get it right the first time. You’ll have to be very careful to work out how to make a profit, so you don’t end up with huge losses. There are different ways you can profit from running tournaments, from charging an entry fee to selling food. You could offer products for sale, including commemorative t-shirts for the event.

Make sure that you have a firm understanding of the game that your guests will be playing. You should also ensure you have a reliable setup – the last thing you want is no one being able to play. They might be bringing their own custom laptops from, but you need to make sure you have everything they need to support their gameplay. If you want to give your tournament extra credibility, contact the game developer. You might be able to turn it into an official, approved event, and the developer may even offer to provide prizes.

Sell Guides

Another thing you can do is sell guides and how-to products to help gamers get better at what they do. You might write this sort of thing on a blog too, but you can take it to the next level and make webinars or eBooks that teach people how to be successful. You could do anything from an ultimate guide to a particular game to how to make money gaming.

This type of product is particularly suitable to use if you already have a blog or website with a mailing list. When people have signed up to your newsletter, you can send them information about the course that they can buy. Or you can collect people’s emails when they buy your product, so you can offer them other things later on. People love guides that teach them how to do things, which is why “how to” posts are so popular on blogs. It’s easy to turn this sort of stuff into a series too if the first one you offer is popular.

Sell Complementary Products

You can also set up a store on your website and sell products that people in the gaming industry would be interested in. For example, you could sell games themselves or merchandise relating to them. You might offer equipment, such as controllers, headphones or even mouse mats. However, you don’t have to stick very close to the games industry. There are other complementary things you could offer alongside games products. For example, you might find that your blog’s readers have a fondness for junk food. You can set up a site selling food and place ads on your blog or in your emails to steer them in the right direction.

Create a Games Website

Another way of making money from games is setting up a site where you get paid when people visit and play the games that you host. There are many small online games that you can become an affiliate for. When people visit your site and play these games or click the ads featured in them, you can make a profit. Of course, if you have the skills, you could also create your own applications for people to play. You could sell downloads or place adverts around them.