Media is like an 8 Track player

Weltron 8 track player

Image by bluemodern via Flickr

I really like the Gillmor Gang podcast.  It is a bit instense sometimes, but it is chock full of information.

Here is a post summarizing the podcast:

At least it seemed to me that the consensus was that New Media wasn’t the “all changing” entity that geek bloggers have heralded it to be.

Well, maybe that’s kinda true, but for me it’s also kinda off.

Semantics aside, New Media was just a transition from old Media to where we are heading now.

No Media.

Media is dead. It’s been disinterMEDIAted. Pun INTENDED.

Man, that cannot be more true.

It’s like the photo print store…they went from processing every single picture taken, to now only the one someone wants to scrapbook.  Very short term change of business model – brought on by the digital camera.  You don’t see 8 tracks coming in the new cars – heck, CD’s are almost dead too…

We have to understand that Media was the delivery method, the old way – now people have the power, the freedom and the technology to become their own “media”.  And they are doing it – very well.

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