Methods For Maintaining A Happy And Productive Workforce


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As a business, your top priority should be productivity. One of the most crucial parts of this is keeping employees satisfied. A happy workforce is a productive workforce. Research shows that happy employees are 12% more productive. When employees are happy at work, they work together better, are more creative and get more done.

Employees who are satisfied with their workplace will take more pride in their work. Therefore, it’s worth investing a little time (and sometimes money) to make employees happy. There are many methods you can use to maintain a happy and productive workforce. Here are some of the most effective.

Managing Absence

Dealing with employee absence is a tricky area. Workers being absent can end up costing employees a lot of money in sick pay. At the same time, there are situations where employees will need to be absent, and forcing them to work will only be negative.

Many employers offer a set amount of sick days and personal days for employees. This creates the right balance for employees to take authorized time off, but not too much. If employees go beyond their limit, there may be cause to question their employment.

It’s worth looking into strategies for managing employee leave and absence. A fair absence policy will make for happy employees, boosting your business productivity.

Offering Flexible Hours

A good way to boost business productivity is by allowing employees to work flexible hours. Employees will still work their full required time, but might arrive and leave an hour late. This can have many benefits both for the employer and employee.

Employees with flexible hours can come in when they’re most productive. They can also avoid rush hour traffic, avoiding lateness. The ability to start their work day a couple of hours late also means they won’t have to take time off for something like a dentist appointment.

Employers can keep their premises open for longer hours, with employees coming in at different times to keep it running. Employees will take less time off and be more productive at work.

Remote Working Capabilities

Research has shown that working remotely makes people happier and more productive. Offering your employees the ability to do their job from anywhere can increase productivity for your business.

Using Remote Access software on your work computers can allow employees to access their work computers remotely. If they have to leave work early, or can’t make it into the office, they have the potential to complete tasks from home.

A simpler way to offer remote working is using Google Apps for Work. There are apps for word documents, slideshows, and data spreadsheets. Employees can create, link, and collaborate on worksheets remotely from a computer or portable device.

If you do choose to offer remote working capabilities, you need to make sure you offer your employees the relevant equipment. Working from home needs to be safe, comfortable and secure for your workers, so now is the right time to find out what they require. Read up on blue light fiction and make your own decisions as to whether blue light glasses are a necessity for your employees. The last thing you want to do is invest in tools and equipment that isn’t going to benefit your team in the long run.

Employee Perks And Benefits

Employees like to feel rewarded. Offering excellent perks and benefits to staff is a good way to keep them motivated. Employees with favorable benefits packages will be more satisfied with their workplace, and less likely to quit. Benefits can include healthcare insurance, performance bonuses, and good retirement plans.

One of the most significant benefits for workers is a good work/life balance. This includes things like flexible hours and a fair amount of holiday days. Benefits and perks are one of the first things people will look at when looking for jobs. You can attract the most productive employees by offering an enticing benefits package.