Mezee Great Way For Make Viral Marketing

Feature rich Mezee

Every morning, the first thing that comes to our mind is curiosity about latest developments happening around, amongst our friends, relatives and the place we stay. Although letters, phone and television still exist as a form of communication, but these are getting old fashioned, all these are getting replaced by a new form of communication medium, that is social networking media and Mecca is of those outstanding new social networking sites in vogue. It is absolutely free. No cost to join or use any basic services at all

What Mezee is all about?

Mezee is a bright new social networking site with over 42,000 members already and the count increasing every minute. The interface is pretty neat; sky blue header and the grass green footer give it a cool look. The home page is nicely built, very responsive and easy to understand for any new user. To become a member one has to provide very basic details about him / her, upload a profile picture and viola; in seconds you will be broadcasting your thoughts across thousands of users online at that time. While posting you can add photos, links, videos, people and not to forget some nice looking smile’s to make your posts look cooler.

Some important features including Viral Marketing

Mezee allows you to add known friends by using their e-mail contact and also gives you the freedom to find thousands of other members by filtering for certain region, age or gender; Mezee also provides a list of new members and most popular members in the left side pane, you can view the pictures and videos posted by other members. The coolest feature that Mezee offers compared to other social networking sites wherein your posts, photos or videos are limited to a selective audience such as your friends or their friends, but in Mezee by default your posts are visible to everyone. It is like chatting with thousands of users that are online.

Best use of Mezee chat is for viral marketing, any person interested in marketing their services or products can avail this amazing feature to target a large volume of audience at a time, without having to spend a single penny on advertising. After you post any content on your home page other users are offered the option to like your post and also to give comments on it.

Mezee also keeps a tally of all your posts, likes and comments by other users, and sends you updates of the same, so that you don’t miss any feedback from your friends and other members. Members have to be careful while posting socially unwanted material, hate speech, images or videos with copy rights and you shall agree to it while signing up. Mecca gold is a special paid feature for digital merchandise and content Alternately you can also opt for becoming a VIP member by paying via PayPal.

To conclude, I would recommend everyone to go ahead sign in and make a couple of friends, use Mezee for viral marketing of any service your offer, across the globe. Have a good time socializing.

Written by Julieth Gonzalez, Marketing And Social Media Tools.