Miracles Of Science: How Technology Is Advancing Medicine

Across the globe, there are various wonders going on in the medical and science industries, and all thanks to advancements in technology. Over the past two decades, the advancements in medicine have been incredible, and have meant that many conditions that previously could not be treated or even managed, can now be dealt with far more effectively.

The world’s medical and science industries are constantly changing and advancing which is incredible, but out of all these advancements, which are the most incredible and hold the biggest potential for success?

Access to a wide range of patients is something that technology has made much easier when it comes to medical studies. Each year, thousands of medical studies are performed, looking for new ways of treating a wide range of health conditions.

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The rise of the use of technology in medicine, such as the use of digital medical records, has meant that finding potentially suitable candidates for these studies has become easier than ever. For specialist research facilities like Poseida Therapeutics who have recently completed a Phase 1 Study of P-BCMA-101 CAR-T Stem Cell Memory Therapy in Patients with Multiple Myeloma, having access to this databases is crucial. You can learn more at Poseida.com about the research being performed and what the results have been. Medical advancements are closely linked to technological advancement in many instances.

Augmented reality is an area of medical advancement that has a high potential for future success. For instance, Google has patented a digital contact lens that is designed to measure blood glucose via tears, changing the course of diabetes management. Microsoft has also created the Microsoft Hololens which can project digital information onto what people are seeing. This can be used during operations so that surgeons can see through structures without cutting into them, giving them a more precise view of the body.

Medical 3D printing is another medical marvel that wouldn’t be available if it wasn’t for advancements in technology. Today, almost anything can be printed, with the biotechnology industry even working on printable living cells. Next, it will be 3D printed drugs. This technology has the power to wipe out the pharmaceutical world as we know it and redesign it in a new, modern image. Soon enough printable bionic organs may even be on the market.

Holographic data input is constantly being improved; soon enough hardware probably won’t even be needed to add data to a laptop as screens and keyboards will be able to be projected onto the wall, meaning that it’s much simpler to access important information in clinical settings. These holographic and virtual keyboards will means that smartphones and tablets will become obsolete in the medical industry, as they will no longer be required. All data will be stored exclusively in the cloud, increasing security and reducing the risk of data loss.

Medical advancements are truly incredible, with many new medical treatments and forms of management for health conditions being approved every year, and all thanks to advancements in technology.