Moving on…

Its kind of fun and kind of scary when you start down a new path in life.  This branch takes me out of the media world (Gazette Communications – soon to be or maybe now called SourceMedia Group) and into the world of ecommerce.

Old Job: Media
I’ve been working for Gazette for almost 7 of the last 11 years.  Three different times.  It’s been a great time, when I started we were moving data into places we could access it from the web.  We had a bunch of databases on one side of the firewall and need some of the information on the other.  No one trusted a hole – so we moved via a plethora of scripts…and it worked pretty good.

As I leave – we’re working on some cool web services – yea, you guessed it.  We have a whole bunch of data on one side of the firewall and people want to use it on the other.  :)

The more things change – the more they stay the same.

New Job: ecommerce
My new job is with a company called ClickStop.  These guys are killing it on the ecommerce front.  They have a solid track record in getting people to their sites to buy products.  It is going to be exciting and I cannot wait.

The difference
I’ve been getting asked by family, friends and co-workers the same 2 questions over and over.

  1. Who is clickstop and why haven’t I heard of them
    ClickStop is the parent company – not the brand.  You may well have heard of some of the brands they own.  US Cargo Control the top dog and a heck of a site.  I hope we get an employee discount – because I have to tell you, I need me some of the motorcycle tie downs…yea.
  2. And, why do you want to leave the Gazette
    Because it is time…things are always changing and I’ve been moved to the sidelines.  That’s what happens when you get new coaches.  And that is cool – I understand.  But then you have to make a decision, you want to wait it out – or do you want to look at other opportunities

    In my case – other opportunities found me.  A recruiter called and it was off to the races.  As I sit back now and try to explain it to people it does make sense.

I tell it like this – the Gazette is a great company…but they make about 3%-5% of their income from the web.  ClickStop is all about the web – all of the sales are web or phone based, that’s a BIG difference.  Now as a web developer – what is a better opportunity…exactly.

So as I work my way through a two-week transition it will be an interesting time.  Hang close to see how things progress as I start a new chapter in my life.  Thanks for joining me.