.net to php – now!

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So my latest adventure has taken me to the land of php.  It seems the direction my company has gone is more open source…so they are all poo-poo-ing my .net background.  It is hard, but really reminds me of classic asp.  We will see how “easy” it is.  I know there is a ton of examples out on the intertubes.

We have been looking at some different hosting options and have really have two options.  We want to play on the Amazon cloud really bad – so we plan on that.  Then, we also have been checking out rackspace pretty heavy – this will give us the linux we need, but options of windows if necessary.

My first task will be to get a directory product called “phpmydirectory” going.  Seems really cheap for the features.  Had some problems importing the seed data – but after some forum work and a couple help tickets – the import is singing.  Threw in 10,000 records in abotu 20 minutes.  Not too bad.

OK – I’ll report back in, if I survive!   :)

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