Netsuite Google Analytics – Install Update

Seeing Safari here tellus we are tracking correctly now. It makes me happy. :)

It’s been almost a month since we’ve completed the upgrade to the new Netsuite Google Analytics installation update and I have to say – it works very good.  The old code (which was a improvement from a deviation of  the code outdated Citrcle code for Netsuite developed in 2009, which we had installed).  We used to have issues tracking the Safari browser.

New Code:

With the new code, inspired by Netsuite – modified with a few jQuery tweaks (you can find more information here:  Netsuite Google Analytics ).  After a modifications – it worked great and we are getting much better analytics.

Advantages of New Netsuite Code:

The big advantage is getting the browser and keyword data – there were combinations with the old code which would not track properly across the different domain names Netsuite uses – wich resulted in lost sales/transaction tracking.

So, if you are running the old code, or code your consulting firm install – you need to update.  The new data is worth the cost.