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Today, it’s a challenge to find the exact domain you want, never mind finding it hasn’t been registered. Basically, all the .com exact match domains have been accounted for, many of them with sky high price tags. Success in finding domain names for a website requires some work, research and flexibility of budget. In these economic times, budget is a huge factor.  There are benefits to acquiring older domains, many of which could make the more expensive, older domain a better fit for your website. New domains have every chance of ranking well and being successful, provided the webmaster behaves responsibly, but an older domain has a leg up in certain areas.

Older is Better

For humans, older can mean wiser, but age is typically not an indicator of being in better shape. Often, it’s the exact opposite. But, when it comes to domains, an older domain can bring along a history. That history can include things that make the domain more valuable and could make a website associated with it more successful from the onset.

Domains can change hands many times, getting parked, used for websites and sold again. Provided the back links are not dropped over time, they come along with a domain. A domain that had been a website at some point can bring along some good quality links. Along with those links comes domain authority and trust.

The New Website Path

When a brand new website goes live, it can take several weeks to months for the search engines to crawl it. Search engine spiders follow links and a brand new website comes with none. An older domain can infuse a new website with back links, trust and domain authority. These factors give the new site a leg up in being discovered and ranking faster. In cases where the domain contains exact match keywords, the website will also benefit from direct type-in traffic. (Unless the niche is brand new and the words have never been utilized in your language before, you won’t find an exact match domain that hasn’t been registered yet).

Age isn’t the only factor that will dictate whether or not a domain is suitable for your website. Ideally, if you do invest in an older domain, you would like that domain to include popular keywords for your niche. The shorter the domain, the more valuable, and the easier to remember, the more suitable name it will make for your website. If branding is going to be part of your website promotion strategy, the name should be catchy and easy to spell.

If you first determine a budget, you can find domain names within that budget by using price as a search filter.  Some of the most valuable domains may not have price tags, but you can research a price range to bid within or have a professional appraisal done to determine the value.

Remember, even if you start off with a older domain, your website’s success will depend on the quality of your content and behaving within the search engines’ webmaster guidelines.

Theresa Happe works with BuyDomains.com where you can find both old and new domain names for sale in every niche.

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