Open up and think big.

2008 Motorcycle Trip to Michigan's UP

Image by vwtom_ia via Flickr

I really don’t try to be a Seth Godin fanboy – but his feed is in my Google Reader everyday and it seems like I always like what he’s putting down.

He’s posted today talking about thinking bigger and it really is a great thought.

The bigger point is that none of us are doing enough to challenge the assignment. Every day, I spend at least an hour of my time looking at my work and what I’ve chosen to do next and wonder, “is this big enough?”

It is so true.  I think we get tied down in the day to day and end up acting more like Henry Frod’s production line than trying to grow and build on what we did the day before.

I’m not sure if we have too much to do, waste too much time doing mundane things or just need to figure out what “product” each one of us needs to really focus on…but I have a feeling if we thought about what we wanted to do really, really well – then we could make that thing a bit bigger the next time.

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