Optimizing Google Adwords Ads for Your Audience

If you are either a PPC (pay per click) specialist, search engine marketer or a brand manager, then you are probably interested in creating creative ads for better brand exposure and conversions. When optimizing google adwords, you should consider specification of your business and type of audience you target. The more you know about your potential customers the better ads you will be able to create.

Even though you should develop your advertising strategy with your particular audience’s interests in mind, there are certain general rules which are applicable for any industry.

  1. Enrich user experience
    You must show in what way you are different from your competitors. In order to do that, you can highlight the best features and the most important benefits of using your product or services. This, as well as testimonials, works well to attract new customers. If your primary purpose is to get more repeat sales from those who are already your clients, then showing new products might be a good idea. Another example is to guide though a buying circle with your organization.
  1. Be transparent
    Being transparent is particularly important when maintaining a remarketing strategy. If the person sees an ad which is clearly targeting him or her and contains too personal information that might be really scary and cause the filling that something private has been revealed about hem. In such case your ad will most likely cause negative effect.To avoid this you should add a note with description of why people see this ad and how you use information you gather from your website’s visitors.
  1. Personalize your ads
    Personalized ads usually perform better, so you can create such ads that would reflect previous user experience. Knowing this you will be able to offer other services or products your existing clients might be interested in. Let’s say you know a user was viewing smart phones; then your ad can successfully promote a specific item or accessories.
  1. Build relevant landing pages
    Your landing page must be a reflection of the ad you show and vise versa. Both website copy (call-to-action, for instance) and design must be similar to each in order to comfort the consumer. If one clicks the ad, he or she should see something familiar on the landing page too. It would be perfect to use the same images, the same color scheme and the same fonts or at least some of these elements.Google offers such tools as Google Analytics and Website Optimizer to test your ads’ performance and analyze user experience. Using these tools requires good knowledge, but too can give you deep insights into how consumers interact with your website.
  1. Use as many format and sizes as possible
    When creating an advertising campaign you naturally want to reach as many potential clients as possible, but you will be missing many thousands of views and clicks because not all websites show ads in all formats ad sizes. Google Adwords currently accepts 8 display ads sizes and if you are not familiar with them, you can easily find them performing a Google search. Make sure to use all of them for better reach.

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