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Pinterest, one of the fastest emerging social networking sites, is a great place to promote your brands and services. Did you know that the traffic you drive on this amazing social platform could be more credible than Yahoo or Bing?

Yes, verified URLs from Pinterest can help explode your website traffic much faster than you could think of. If you want to tap the maximum potential of Pinterest, you need to optimize your Pinterest page. If haven’t done it yet, now is the time for you. Read on and discover some amazing tips on how to tweak your Pinterest profile.

Upload a profile picture that reflects your brands and services – Upload a photo that best reflects
your brand. Perhaps, a photo of the company’s founder or the company’s logo will do. Remember, your profile photo is one of the first things that people look at. So make it more relevant to what you’ve got to offer.

‘About Me’ page:
You have a great opportunity to express who you are and what you offer in a short 200-word write up. Create a crisp write-up briefly stating about whom you are and what you have to offer. Here you can also do a bit of SEO by incorporating the most frequently used keywords in your niche in your write-up. This will look more professional and appealing to your target audience.

Local search is getting hotter, so make sure that you add your city and state in your ‘About us’ section. Here you can create a board pointing to your area and the major attractions that are located nearby. This will help local residents recognize your locality much faster.

Get verified URLs:
Having an unverified URL is equivalent to not having one in the first place. Make sure that you highlight your URLs and make them clickable links. This will help drive more visitors and traffic to your website.

Go social:
You may be here to promote your brands, but remember you are in a social friendly platform where social activities are compulsive. To make your presence felt, you should be an active participant on the Pinterest. Pin and Re-Pin, like, comment, and respond to your prospects’ queries. The more interactive you are, the more are the chances of your profile being visited by more users.

Create engaging boards:
It’s good to have more boards entailing your brands and services. For business profiles, it would be ideal to have at least 24 message-driven boards. Use different theme for each of the boards, compose catchy titles, add short descriptions, and incorporate your industry-specific keywords.

This will help give more completeness to what you do. Consequently, people will be able to understand your business much better.

Board placement:
Typically, people will notice the boards that are at the top. So let your best message appear at the top row. Make sure that your boards catch up with the trending topics.

Another great idea you can consider is to make your most Pin-ned message your primary board (i.e. the board cover).

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