The 6 Essential Ways to Market Your Updated Brand

A brand redevelopment can be an exciting time for the business, as it could generate a superb return on investment. If you want to showcase your new image to a target audience successfully, here are the six essentials ways to market your updated brand. Communicate with Your Customers     Before you launch a new […]

Google Health Is Coming to Digitize Your Records

Maybe it is just because my wife is in the health profession, my first reaction to Google digitizing health records was a vision of HIPPA nightmare. But after that storm blew over – I was like…this is cool. Can you imagine if all this information was digital? On the most basic note – you go […]

Lose them with a pro-roll – 70% of Viewers Stop Watching a Video if it Shows a 10-Second Advertisement

This is a quote from the article YouTube Videos to Have ‘Overlay’ Ads “Shiva Rajaraman, product manager for YouTube, said internal tests show more than 70 percent of people give up when they see a pre-roll. By contrast, less than 10 percent decide to close an overlay, which they can exit by clicking on an […]

Now this is innovation

Sometimes – innovation takes a giant leap, with both feet. It happened when Apple invented the iPod and I think it happened when Nooka invented the dot watch. Click here – then click “nooka story” (remind me to tell you how much I like Flash interfaces) It is just really cool to see a guy […]