A Brave New Blockchain World

Blockchain is a technology working its way into the ether since 2009, but has taken on a life of its on in 2017.  It entered most people’s consciousness in the form of bitcoin which emerged from a paper published anonymously under the pen name of Satoshi Nakamoto.  The paper’s concept resonated quickly and deeply, forging a community of […]

Team Building 2.0

Wow, this was a great article/You Tube I ran across while perusing Facebook. It is called Unilever League Of Rock Music Based Team Building. It’s not that this will work for everyone – but that it is thinking beyond the classic “taking this off-site” or “adventure camp” style team building. Very cool.

Yes, bam, ka-pow…

“What if every local television station turned into an Internet-MSO—a web-based cable company?” “Think about it. Who do you turn to when you need the very best local news, weather and sports information? Is it YouTube? Nope. Is it MSN? Nope. Is it your local broadcaster? Yep. People with names you know, the anchors and […]

eBay's Multi-pronged Attack on Craigslist Takes Shape

Wow – this makes things a little interesting, I saw Kijiji (on a heads up from David S) and was not impressed. But GumTree is a straight up Craigslist clone – WOW. “When eBay launched their popular overseas classifieds service Kijiji in the United States last month, it seemed sort of an odd move for […]