About tomaltman.com

Welcome to my blog where I write about the things I like…that includes all number of things.

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You’ll find articles about:

  • technology
    • how it affects the things we do
    • laptop computers, desktop computers, chromebooks – review and information
    • GPS, software – and other cool gadgets
  • WordPress – I love this platform, it was a revolution when I first found it and still think its a huge player in why the web and blogs are where they are today
    • plugins, themes, tips and tricks
    • wordpress development
  • programming
    • hacks, errors, issues, fixes and some SEO for good measure
  • futuristic, innovative and interesting ideas
  • nonsense that cannot be classified anything but geeky
  • motorcycles and vw’s if I get bored with any of the above

When I started this blog – it was on an intranet at my IT job at The Gazette. It was focused on issues pertinent to the things going on in a newspaper IT department.  Soon, I wanted to go bigger and make it live on tomaltman.com.  I bought the domain in 2004 – but it was not until November of 2007 that it was used for this site and I started to blog more regularly.

Since then – I have worked at many different companies and seen a lot of different things. But those stories are all weaved into the content here. I hope you enjoy it – if you have questions, please use the contact form. Enjoy.