Perfecting a Marketing Campaign for Your Veterinary Practice


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Many budding business owners in the veterinary field may wonder why they would need to market their practice. After all, if someone has an ill pet, then they’ll come to you anyway, right? This is the sort of mindset that people have when it comes to any medical pursuit. Many people who are thinking about starting up a medical practice also find themselves wondering why they need to get into marketing. Won’t sick people just come without needing to be advertised to?

Here’s the problem with that mindset. People usually already have an idea about where they’re going to go if their pet is ill. Someone might be a new pet owner and may not have even considered veterinary locations yet. Whatever the case, you need to make sure people are aware of your facility. And how do you ensure people are aware of your business? That’s right: by marketing.


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And a business is precisely what your veterinary practice is. Remember to keep looking at it in that way and it should help you see things a bit more clearly!

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should start spending absurd amounts of money on generic tactics. There are so many marketing gimmicks out there that seem effective for some companies. But you’re dealing in a very specific thing, here. While people of all walks of life have pets, there are times and places where marketing based on that won’t be as effective.


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You can’t just consider the fact that there are going to be at least some pet owners pretty much everywhere you go. You need to think about what it is your specific business provides. You’re not just “another veterinary clinic”. If your facility is one of two available vet practices in town, then why are people going to go to you?

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should be neglecting some simple and wide-reaching tactics. Brand awareness is still a very important thing. It’s just that you need to be careful about where your message is.


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Let’s say you’ve got a poster advertising your clinic hanging up in a bar. People there are trying to have a good time; they’re not in a serious mood and, in all likelihood, they’re drunk. It won’t sink in. But on public transport and in bus shelters? More serious subjects like the health of someone’s pet is more likely to have an impact there.

And what about the animals themselves? When you’re looking at someone else’s pet, you’re likely to be thinking about your own pet. Odd as it may seem, you can use animals to help spread brand awareness! Click here to look at collars, leads, balls, and harnesses you can attach your logo to.


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The most important thing of all, however, is how much information you have available to potential customers. And this is why you need to make sure you have an informative, easy-to-use website ready. People aren’t going to see your advertising and just show up at your door. They’re going to track you down online and check out what you’ve got to offer. They’ll be looking at treatments available, prices, qualifications, etc. Ensure your website has as much info as possible. Remember: a website is your strongest marketing tool.